Hayley Megan French & Carla Liesch


YOU ARE ONE OF THE REASONS I MAKE ART began as a personal statement between two collaborators. In thinking about what it means to collaborate, and indeed, what it means to make art, the work has quickly evolved into a statement from ourselves to many of the people and places that play a meaningful role in our practice.

The first 250 reasons have addressed pivotal people, places and moments in our collaborative practice—peers, teachers, mentors, galleries we have exhibited at or frequented together, artists whom we have discussed at length. After many years of working side-by-side through our undergraduate and postgraduate studies at Sydney College of the Arts, as MOP Projects Committee members, and car-pooling from the Western suburbs, we have developed collective methods of working that have brought together our shared concerns of painting, place and collaboration. In 2015 we shared a studio at Parramatta Artist Studios where we began the project YOU ARE ONE OF THE REASONS I MAKE ART. After compiling a list together, we have posted 250 cards both nationally and internationally. This list is a starting point, a way of giving a voice to a project that is very important to us, and very timely. A thank you note of sorts.


Hayley Megan French & Carla Liesch, September 2016

The second stage of this project can be seen at Parramatta Lanes Festival 11-14 October 2016. For more information on Parramatta Lanes Festival check out the website here.

For more information on our collaborative practice, please visit frenchliesch.com