Wall Painting: The Exhibitions

Hayley Megan French & Carla Liesch


Raygun Contemporary Art Projects, Toowoomba

6 September - 2 October 2013

Excerpt: Around The Galleries with Sandy Pottinger, The Chronicle, Saturday, September 14, 2013

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Raygun Art Projects, 249 Margaret St, is hosting "Wall Painting: The Exhibitions", the documentation of an artwork by Hayley Megan French and Carla Liesch. The work itself began as a site-specific installation, a wall with a doorway on stretched canvas that effectively divided the gallery space. 

Its removal at the end of the exhibition suggested a new role as a performance piece and it was then toted around galleries and key landmarks in Sydney. 

The physical presence of the wall encouraged interactive audience participation, while its peripatetic progress was recorded in photographs and video, the documentation thus generating another aspect of the work. 

The visual essay encourages viewers in a series of propositions with respect to space as a construct, notions of concealing and revealing, entrances and exits, even the nature of illusion and reality. 

Underpinning the serious considerations, however, is a refreshing degree of humour and a sense of the absurd. 

Sandy Pottinger, 2013

For more information on our collaborative practice, please visit frenchliesch.com